he business purpose of LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. is to create wealth and wellbeing and ensure the needs of its components are met.
Through the Marketing Team of LAB YBORRA, S.L.U., its products are placed in the Market for their consumption.
The Marketing Team of LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. is in charge of SELLING the Company products.


Miguel de Unamuno, the Spanish writer and philosopher, once said that faith is not believing what we do not see, but creating what we do not see and then believing it.
The mission of the Marketing Team of LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. as a faith-maker is to:
  • Work and be structured with the preciseness of an Otto Preminger movie.
  • Be as strong as a thread and as many woven threads that form a lanyard capable of supporting heavy loads.
  • Be self-governing as a democratic system in which ALL the members of its Marketing Team participate in the development, implementation, achievement and improvement our common purpose: to SELL) and be pro-active in respecting, complying with and promptly executing the resolutions they make without excuses or pretexts.
  • Be willing to learn continuously, without limits, and learn to keep ahead of the competition taking into account that foresight is not only limited to anticipating or choosing between desirable trends and preventing catastrophes, but that it's also about creating new alternatives.
  • Accept criticism. It is very important to understand that criticism is not attack. Those who are offended and defend themselves are not certain of their acts or are not honest with themselves.
  • It is essential to bear in mind not what one or several of the members of the TEAM think, but what they feel, in order to ensure maximum understanding in the team's interpersonal relations and ethical values.


The above, combined with the sum of our historical experiences, constitutes the program of action that all of us who are part of LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. want; and to want something with our whole being (without reservations or fear) means we are doing our duty: we are loyal to ourselves.



If you need to ask any questions about our SLACKSTONE II® system to prepare Dialytic Water, you can do so from this form.



Logo Lab Yborra, s.l.

CIF ES B80359474

Luis I, 70 - 28031 MADRID (España)

Telf.: (+34) 913.803.285
Mov: (+34) 680 426 033


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