TO PREPARE Dialytic Water

What is Dialytic Water?


After 57 years of successful experiences, we can now state that:

"Dialytic Water specifically eliminates and/or prevents the formation of crystalline bodies in the organism (all kinds of stone, grit, micro-crystals, etc.) of all types of minerals and anywhere in the body. It also acts as an effective purifier."

This belongs to physical (non-chemical) pharmacology and is a logical and proven physical procedure which is non-invasive, simple, inexpensive, painless and easy to use and has the great advantage that it does not produce side effects or interactions.

Our system is based on water, called the "universal solvent" because it is the fluid that dissolves the most substances. We greatly boost the water solvent effect to reverse the crystallization process.

In the introduction of his invention patent, Father José Ignacio Martín-Artajo, S.J., the inventor of the SLACKSTONE II® System to prepare Dialytic Water, stated the following:

What is Dialytic Water used for?


In the human body there are crystalline bodies, such as: Kidney stones, Gallbladder stones, Uric acid calculi (gout), Calcification of the arteries (atherosclerosis), Post-lithotripsy residues and fragments... However, there are calcifications or micro-calcifications in many other parts of the body, such as: Lymphatic system, Joints, Breasts, Prostate, Lymph nodes, Cardiac muscle, Tears, Liver, Mouth and teeth, etc.

There are increasingly more mineral deposits in the body as a result of medication, food, pollution and injuries, which makes purification very important. This is, in the majority of cases, vital in applying other therapies and making them more effective and responsive.

Water is the main component of the human body; Normally it represents 65% of the total weight, in the brain it is 90%, and hence the importance of being well hydrated so that the body can perform the function of eliminating those accumulated wastes, those crystalline bodies.

Many people are not well hydrated and therefore their body is not able to keep it clean and hydrated.

These wastes are normally discarded by the body through intra- and extracellular water and are responsible for eliminating them, but there are many people who are not sufficiently hydrated to perform this function adequately.

In this regard, we recommend reading the article You are not sick, you are thirsty regarding Hydration, and the article Is it better to drink distilled water than mineral water?, where it literally indicates: 

"There is only one way to prevent this problem: remove the inorganic minerals. How? By drinking demineralized water, preferably distilled. And if urged, transforming it into Dialytic Water. We´re referring to the method invented by the Spanish priest José Ignacio Martín-Artajo."

For this reason, we recommend drinking Dialytic Water regularly: to eliminate crystalline bodies present in the body and/or to prevent their formation again. The most normal and common due to the large number of people who suffer from them (20%) are the following:

Kidney Stones

If you have kidney stones and/or grit, you should drink 2 glasses of Dialytic Water a day.

Gallbladder Stones

Due to its composition, it is advisable to take Dialytic Water and an extra daily dose of EVOO.

Uric Acid Calculi (Gout)

You should drink 2 glasses of Dialytic Water a day until the stones are eliminated.


The use of Dialytic Water dissolves calcium deposits in the arteries throughout the body.

Sport Medicine

The regular use of Dialytic Water in sports nutrition eliminates mineral impurities and facilitates normal physical training.

General Purifying

Dialytic Water eliminates mineral waste in the body, making it the ideal adjuvant in the application of other treatments.

Skin Cleanser

Dialytic Water is an effective moisturizer that will condition the skin before dermocosmetic treatments and devices.


Ingesting Dialytic Water purifies waste in the body and facilitates perfect hydration in older people.


Other indications

There are other cases, some exceptional, where the presence of crystalline bodies can be annoying or harmful and where Dialytic Water is also effective, such as in microcrystallizations in the lymphatic system, in the breasts, in the prostate, in the joints, in the tear duct, in cardiac tissue, etc.

Also in people with immobility, whether due to long-term postoperative processes or caused by unfortunate irreversible accidents (cases of para and quadriplegics), this circumstance produces an increase in crystalline residues that in many cases lead to stone problems. The use of Dialytic Water has helped to improve the quality of life of these people.

As a complement to everything indicated, we want to express our experiences (some recent) on topics that, apparently, have nothing to do with Dialytic Water:

  • For people with HIV who regularly take a large number of medications, Dialytic Water helps by cleansing their body and subsequently making treatments more effective and responsive.
  • In Spain there are approximately 25,000 autistic people. 84% of children with autism show oxalate values ​​outside normal limits, which are fixed in various organs, which causes them to have additional disorders to their disease.

    The intake of Dialytic Water has achieved a significant reduction in oxalates, obtaining a better quality of life.
  • Alzheimer's disrupts communication, metabolism and repair in the neuron. Connections between nerve cells are lost, causing memory failures.

The brain is 90% water and bioelectricity, which circulates through neurotransmitters, is vitally important for its functioning.



In the neuronal Synapse, in some cases, toxic deposits and even microscopic calcifications occur (between the Axon and the Dendrites) that can prevent or alter the good transmission of chemoelectric impulses.

Dialytic Water influences the communication of the neuron, cleaning the axon and dendrites so that the synapse (intercommunication) does not fail or fails less. Indirectly it also influences the repair.


Although astrocytes are responsible for cleaning waste from the brain, Dialytic Water helps them eliminate these deposits and microcalcifications, promoting better intercommunication between neurons, and can give a better quality of life to some patients, as in the case of Alzheimer's.

  • In Spain, a CT study has been carried out, which shows the elimination of microcalcifications in the arteries of a patient with arteriosclerosis. During the study period the patient only took Dialytic Water.

What can satisfy us most is to raise people's quality of life and for this reason, whenever there is the presence of crystalline bodies anywhere in the body, we recommend the use of Dialytic Water to eliminate them and/or prevent their formation again.

How to prepare Dialytic Water?



Instructions for use

We can affirm that the use of Dialytic Water is noninvasive, simple, inexpensive, convenient and easy to noninvasive, simple, inexpensive, convenient and easy to use.

The preparation of Dialytic Water with the SLACKSTONE II®, System ampoules has been perfected in a very simple method, according to the experiences obtained since 1966 and taking into account the results obtained.


1.- Take a glass of natural water, preferably a high ball glass, about a quarter of a liter (250 cm3) and place the ampoule in the glass with the narrowest side up.

You can use mineral water if desired, but it is only necessary in areas where tap water is very hard. As a general rule, use water normally used to prepare food.

It has been proven that it is best not to use herbal infusions to prepare Dialytic Water, although they can be ingested, obviously, at any other time.

Do not expose the prepared water to any type of heat, cold or agitation, as this adulterates its action. If you want to heat or cool it, use a container with hot water or cold water, and introduce the glass.

2.- The SLACKSTONE II® ampoule must remain submerged in the water for approximately 24 hours so that the thickest part of the ampoule is completely covered.

The ampoule should not be opened or broken, because the energy generated by the crystals inside the ampoule passes through the glass perfectly and is transmitted to the water. (The ampoule is like a battery used in electrical devices).

The more or less yellowish color of the crystals contained in the ampoule is normal.

Do not expose the prepared water to heating, cooling or agitation, as this adulterates its action.

If necessary, it is recommended to cover the glass with a cloth or plastic to prevent dust, insects, etc. from falling into it.


3.- Activated Dialytic Water must be taken immediately after removing the ampoule.

4.- The glass of water will be filled again and the ampoule will be submerged again, to prepare the next dose, 24 hours later.

5.- Each ampoule prepares 40 glasses of Dialytic Water, or in other words, a box of SLACKSTONE II® (containing 2 ampoules) is used to prepare 20 liters of Dialytic Water.

Afterwards, the energy emitted by the ampoule decreases Considerably until exhausted.



Control Table


We recommend using the Tabla de Control included in the package to facilitate the control of the doses.




If you need to ask any questions about our SLACKSTONE II® system to prepare Dialytic Water, you can do so from this form.



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