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Since its foundation, LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. has been a next-generation company whose business activity is focused on practicing transhumanism by developing simple, inexpensive, efficient, harmless and non-invasive biological products for people, without side effects or interactions, as well as the production and marketing of the exclusive SLACKSTONE II® System for preparing Dyalitic Water, using state-of-the art technologies and qualified experienced specialists.
LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. was born and stands firm as a result of the whirlwind political, economic, social changes that occur in the civilized world in which traditional business systems are a thing of the past, and where each day and hour new techniques are incorporated into business management.
Woody Allen said that "80% of success is showing up". LAB YBORRA, S.L.U. is here and strives to be an outstanding company for the following reasons:
• Our structure is simple and independent.
• We´re critical in our decision taking, but also flexible.
• We are willing to try out and experiment.
• We emphasize the importance of our work.
• We rely on creative, enterprising human components who are willing to take risks, and each of us is a source of ideas, not a pair of hands.
• We´re a close-knit, efficient team whose motto is Ready, Fire, Aim.
• We´re close to our Clients. For us, our clients come first, second and third.
• We want our magic to be good and to work.


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