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What is Dialytic Water Used for?

In the introduction of his invention patent, Father José Ignacio Martín-Artajo, S.J., the inventor of the SLACKSTONE II® System to prepare Dialytic Water, stated the following:

"A system of physical-molecular action for the preventive and curative treatment of renal, biliar and cardiovascular lithiasis produced in the human body by deficiencies of calcium metabolism. It is based on natural components and properties of the solid state of matter, in particular of the crystalline state."


After 50 years of successful experiences, we can now state that:

"Dialytic Water specifically eliminates and/or prevents the formation of crystalline bodies in the organism (all kinds of stone, grit, micro-crystals, etc.) of all types of minerals and anywhere in the body. It also acts as an effective purifier."

This belongs to physical (non-chemical) pharmacology and is a logical and proven physical procedure which is non-invasive, simple, inexpensive, painless and easy to use and has the great advantage that it does not produce side effects or interactions.

Our system is based on water, called the "universal solvent" because it is the fluid that dissolves the most substances. We greatly boost the water solvent effect to reverse the crystallization process.
In the human body there are crystalline bodies, such as:
  • Kidney stones
  • Gallbladder stones
  • Uric acid calculi (gout)
  • Calcification of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • Post-lithotripsy residues and fragments
These are probably the most common and spectacular because the majority of the population (20%) is affected by them.
However, there are calcifications or micro-calcifications in many other parts of the body, such as:
  • Lymphatic system
  • Joints
  • Breasts
  • Prostate
  • Lymph nodes
  • Cardiac muscle
  • Tears
  • Liver
  • Mouth and teeth
  • Etc.
There are increasingly more mineral deposits in the body as a result of medication, food, pollution and injuries, which makes purification very important. This is, in the majority of cases, vital in applying other therapies and making them more effective and responsive.
In this regard, we recommend reading the article in Discovery Health magazine, Is distilled water better than mineral water?, in which it literally states:
"There is only one way to prevent this problem: remove the inorganic minerals. How? By drinking demineralized water, preferably distilled. And if urged, transforming it into Dialytic Water. We´re referring to the method invented by the Spanish priest José Ignacio Martín-Artajo."

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