Therapeutic Basis

When Dialytic Water is physically activated by the action of the SLACKSTONE II® system, it is incorporated into the bloodstream after ingestion and circulates as part of some of the blood and body fluids (urine, bile, etc.).
If the fluids are concentrated, nucleation is favored and, therefore, crystallization and lithiasis. The use of Dialytic Water makes water, the great universal solvent, more efficient as it improves and enhances its solvent capacity.
As we have seen above, At kidney level, Dialytic Water is capable of:

• Disaggregating small stones.

• Eliminating the superficial and defenseless layers of the stones, such as vertices and edges, favoring their removal.
• Dividing large stones, transforming them into smaller ones and then into gravel that can be expelled with little pain.
• Freeing the endothelial cells lining the urinary tract of microscopic deposits of calcium salts, preventing the loss of elasticity and therefore the growth of stones.
• Increasing the solubility of mineral salts that circulate in the blood and urine, especially calcium salts, thus avoiding precipitation and formation of new stones or increasing the thickness of existing ones.
Dialytic Water reverses the process of crystallization,
which is the mechanism by which crystalline bodies are formed
and therefore lithiasis.

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