Dialytic Water intake is indicated whenever it is necessary to remove and / or prevent the formation of crystalline bodies in the organism.
Although Dialytic Water is effective by itself (mainly at the kidney level), in view of the experiences and results of 1966, we recommend that it also be used as an excellent aid for other treatments or therapies, which is possible in all cases due to its unique non-chemical, physical action that avoids interactions.
The SLACKSTONE II® System to prepare Dialytic Water is not an aggressive (chemical) treatment but a physical, logical and proven procedure, non-invasive, simple, inexpensive, painless and easy to use, with the advantage of not producing side effects or interactions.

Preventive treatment of patients with a history of kidney stones produced by either urate and calcium salts (oxalate, carbonate, phosphate, etc.).
It also promotes and forces water intake, which is the therapeutic basis of lithiasis, in order to increase urine output.
Expulsive treatment during or after acute colic episodes thanks to its power to wear down the stones and fragment them.
As an aid after extracorporeal lithotripsy, it facilitates the expulsion of the resulting micro-fragments.
Gallstones are generally composed of layers of cholesterol, calcium and bilirubin. Dialytic Water acts by dissolving calcium salts so that when these disappear, the existing stones become gelatinous and soft and therefore less dangerous, facilitating and making the treatment for the removal of cholesterol by other means more effective.
Sometimes it acts in the same way with the annoying "grit" that accompanies gallstones, making it more fluid and easier to pass through the bile ducts. This does not happen in all cases. Sometimes the biliary sludge is very thick and Dialytic Water is not sufficient to fluidize it; in that case the physician should prescribe medication for it.
Keep in mind that the bladder is like a well filled with stagnant water and often the removal of biliary sludge is very complicated. For that reason we can provide information on the characteristics and general information of our system, but we must remind you that this information is not intended to replace treatments, and never to induce self-prescription. Ask your doctor or specialist who best knows the state of your health, and is the one who determines your prescriptions.
Dialytic Water acts by dissolving uric acid crystals and / or avoiding their formation, which is a great advantage in the treatment of gout.
Keep in mind that does it not act on the levels of uric acid, which must be treated by other means.

Dialytic Water dissolves calcium deposits and causes the arteries to recover their elasticity, thus facilitating the removal of cholesterol by other means.
Studies carried out by specialists in the field have demonstrated the effectiveness of Dialytic Water in dedicated athletes, for example, bodybuilding. These athletes, who have to ingest large doses of proteins in their diets, tend to have high levels of uric acid (which is to be treated by other means). The regular use of Dialytic Water in their diet has prevented the crystallization of uric acid in their joints and muscles, providing a normal physical training.
Dialytic Water deeply cleanses the skin from the inside and hydrates it properly. It is an excellent solvent, purifier and moisturizer. By eliminating toxins it enhances and renders hydration of cells and tissues more effective. Also, if you spray or vaporize your face and most exposed skin with Dialytic Water you will also be taking care of your skin externally.
Today, there are many diseases that require taking a large amount of drugs, which significantly increase mineral residues in the body. An example of this may be the treatment of HIV-AIDS. It goes without saying that Dialytic Water will not cure this cursed disease, but it helps cleanse the body and make its treatment more responsive and effective.
The same applies to processed foods that have increasingly more additives which are transformed into mineral residues. Cases of young children with stones are increasing daily, mainly due to the intake of processed foods.
Dialytic Water sweeps and eliminates mineral residues throughout the body. This allows other treatments or therapies (hydrology, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.) to be applied and makes them more effective by enhancing their action.
One of the shortcomings of elderly persons is water deficiency in their bodies. This slows down all metabolic processes. Moreover, the intake of drugs in this age group produces a lot of residues. The use of Dialytic Water cleanses the body of residues and provides perfect hydration.
There are other cases, some exceptional, where the presence of crystalline bodies is annoying or harmful and where Dialytic Water is also effective, such as micro crystallizations in the lymph system or excess calcium in tears.
Also in people experiencing immobility, either due to long-term postoperative processes or produced by irreversible unfortunate accidents (paraplegics and quadriplegics), the crystal residues increase in many cases due to stone problems. Dialytic Water use has contributed to improve the quality of life of these people.
Another very important issue is the excess oxalates metabolized by autistic children. Dialytic Water helps very effectively to reduce them, thus providing them with a better quality of life.
An interesting fact: Astronauts suffer from lithiasis as a result of immobility and lack of gravity, especially over long periods of time in space.
There are also cases in Veterinary Medicine, especially in pets.

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