Instructions For Use

Vaso con ampollaWe can affirm that the use of Dialytic Water is noninvasive, simple, inexpensive, convenient and easy to use.

Preparation of Dialytic Water:


The preparation of Dialytic Water with the SLACKSTONE II® System ampoules has been perfected in a very simple method, according to the experiences obtained since 1966 and taking into account the results obtained.



1.- Take a glass of natural water, preferably a high ball glass, about a quarter of a liter (250 cm3) and place the ampoule in the glass with the narrowest side up.


icono31.1: You can use mineral water if desired, but it is only necessary in areas where tap water is very hard. As a general rule, use water normally used to prepare food.

1.2: It has been proven that it is best not to use herbal infusions to prepare Dialytic Water, although they can be ingested, obviously, at any other time.

1.3: Do not expose the prepared water to any type of heat, cold or agitation, as this adulterates its action. If you want to heat or cool it, use a container with hot water or cold water, and introduce the glass.


2.- The SLACKSTONE II® ampoule must remain submerged in the water for approximately 24 hours so that the thickest part of the ampoule is completely covered.


icono12.1: The ampoule should not be opened or broken, because the energy generated by the crystals inside the ampoule passes through the glass perfectly and is transmitted to the water. (The ampoule is like a battery used in electrical devices).

2.2: The more or less yellowish color of the crystals contained in the ampoule is normal.

2.3: Do not expose the prepared water to heating, cooling or agitation, as this adulterates its action.
2.4: If necessary, it is recommended to cover the glass with a cloth or plastic to prevent dust, insects, etc. from falling into it.




3.- Activated Dialytic Water must be taken immediately after removing the ampoule.




4.- Refill the glass of water and immerse the ampoule again to prepare the next intake, 24 hours later.


5.- Each ampoule prepares 40 glasses of Dialytic Water, or in other words, a box of SLACKSTONE II® (containing 2 ampoules) is used to prepare 20 liters of Dialytic Water. Afterwards, the energy emitted by the ampoule decreases Considerably until exhausted.


We recommend using the Control Table included in the package to facilitate the control of the doses.




Preventive consumption involves taking only one glass of Dialytic Water per day. (Before breakfast or dinner).

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