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Report on the Kirlian Photographs


Differences between normal water and Dialytic Water:

The test consisted in taking two Kirlian photographs, one of normal (potable) water and the other of Dialytic Water, to compare and analyze the differences.
kirlian normalA very regular energy field of just "one" dimension can be observed. Normal emission of energy between the water and electricity; it is fair to say that the corona effect corresponds to the ozone and the blue color to hydrogen.
kirlian dialitica 
It should be emphasized that from the simple emission of the energy of normal water (untreated), a totally different complexity has been attained in its composition; it not only looks like pure water but it projects an "aura plasma" reminiscent of the energy changes of the sun.
We can observe "internal explosions" that free energy with considerable intensities; at the quantum plane there is an elevated emission of protons, neutrons and electrons that have been triggered.

Around the water there is a kind of gas which makes a third dimension appear or a different state than untreated water.

The study was performed by Xavier Rosique López of Barcelona (Spain), a Bachelor in Psychology of the Cybernetic University of Ramos Mejía (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and specialist in Biofeedback from the Poytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain).

The study was made January 18, 1999 using a Kirlian camera, Biocyber-Bioart model K.4, with an output current of 8 and exposition time of 2 seconds for both photographs.

Commercial spring water from Viladrau de las Montañas of Montseny (Catalonia, Spain) was used as mineral water.

A sample of 5 drops of water were used for the first photograph.

For the second, a sample was also taken of 5 drops of Dialytic Water prepared with the SLACKSTONE II® System (following the instructions of the prospect)

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