SLACKSTONE II® Testimonials

Miguel Vargas
Albacete – Spain

I'm probably repeating what so many people have been. I, in particular, suffered from a series of nephritic cramps for 21 days and several trips to the hospital emergency room. In this condition, I was told about the SLACKSTONE II® method and immediately did the test. In a few days, the ailment was history. I think this miraculous method should be shared and reach as many people as possible who suffer from diseases such as mine and that undoubtedly would disappear when used properly. Thank you.


Maite Esteban
Madrid – Spain

It's like magic! Such a simple thing, that's not chemistry, we are not used to that. In my case, after taking it for 10 days, morning and night, I began to expel bits of stones. I had been receiving Voltaren injections every 12 hours between half vials of Nolotil for 15 days. A friend, who was an acquaintance of Father Martín-Artajo told me about it. I am very grateful to the SLACKSTONE II® System.


Fernando Martin-Artajo Gutiérrez
Madrid – Spain

I am Father Jose Ignacio's nephew and he blessed my wedding. Whenever I can, I promote his invention. The last time I bought it at a pharmacy in the Lope de Rued Street to give the ampoules to a neighbor of Villarrubia de Santiago (Toledo), who was writhing in pain when he expelled a kidney stone . Once he tried the Dialytic Water, he said: ""Fernando, I pee in a urinal, I hear the stone falling, but don't feel it coming out. You have no idea of the hell you have saved me from."


Eduardo Ostos
Orlando - Florida - United States

It's excellent. My brother avoided surgery thanks to Dialytic Water. Everyone we know is aware of how good this product is. We'd like to work with you as distributors. Thanks.


Enrique Hernández González
Madrid – Spain

I began prescribing SLACKSTONE II® after reading an article in DSalud as a supplement of homeopathic therapy and diet.

I've obtained excellent results in the different kinds of lithiasis.
I would appreciate it if you kept me informed of the clinical data, additional data, protocols or seminars that you host in the future.


Dr. Margarita Romero Martín
Madrid – Spain

As a physician specializing in Preventive Medicine and Public Health as well as Medical Hydrology and Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the Complutense University of Madrid and consultant to the Medical Board of the Alange Thermal Spa: I wish to express that the  System is an extraordinary therapeutic resource in the field of lithiasis pathology, amply proven in general medical clinical practice as well a preventive resource due to its purifying effects.

In the Alange Thermal Spa we observed that these effects contribute to the action of its mineral medicinal waters providing satisfactory results in the recovery, maintenance and promotion of HUMAN HEALTH by NATURAL MEANS according to the different age groups.


Dr. Francisco Javier Lara Guevara
San Luis de Potosí – México
"Dr. Ignacio Morones Prieto" Central Hospital

I wish to congratulate you on your product, which I find most interesting and awesome. I've had the "fortune" of suffering repeated urolithiasis episodes and I know exactly what a non-surgical cure entails since I'm an anesthesiologist. In addition to my private practice, I work in a 500-bed hospital in an endemic area in my country where 5 of every 100 patients have this disease. It's a shame that this product isn´t marketed in my country.

I would like to inquire if this product could be made available in Mexico, since I'm very interested in using it.
A great number of people could benefit from it, so is it possible to have more information and scientific supporting data of this product? Thank you.


Fernando García de la Fuente
Valladolid – Spain

Hello, I'm Fernando and I practice naturopathy. I've seen surprising results with this product, the most important is that a kidney stone the size of a very large chickpea disappeared.

Besides helping my mother to get rid of her "modestly sized" kidney stone, it helped a cousin of mine who is a priest in Medina del Campo to alleviate the problems caused by uric acid. For all of this I am very grateful for this method. I must confess that at the beginning I was very skeptical of the method as well as other techniques of natural medicine. Thank you very much.

Apolo Buendía Medina
Collado Mediano - Madrid – Spain

I've just heard about the SLACKSTONE II® System through my doctor who recommended it due to his personal experience, since his father used it successfully. I have stones in both kidneys and have started treatment with much enthusiasm and hope that this system will free me of this problem.

For now I can´t give my opinion on the results but I've received several recommendations of the product.
I hope everything turns out well and that I can soon provide you with my opinion. Thanks.

Josefa Codina Provinciale
Hospitalet del Infante - Tarragona – Spain

My dear sirs:

I'm writing these lines on the occasion of the hundredth birthday of Father Martín-Artajo, the inventor of the System to prepare Dialytic Water.
My name is Josefa Codina and I live in Hospitalet del Infante in the Province of Tarragona. My health and whole body, from head to toe, has always been affected by uric acid. A year ago this month I was diagnosed as having gallstones and was lucky to be referred to a naturopathic physician who prescribed these marvelous ampoules. Thanks to them, the stones have disappeared. I won´t stop taking them; I'm 71 and will be 72 on April 10 and will continue to take them a few days each month.
Wishing that the celebration of the anniversary is a success because the persons who dedicate their lives to humanity deserve all our gratitude,
I am sincerely yours.


Mercedes Agejas Quevedo
Madrid – Spain

In 1968 some friends of mine who personally knew Father José Ignacio Martín-Artajo Alvarez were visiting Avila and recommended the use of this system due to the pain in my gallbladder.

Because I was interested in its use, I contacted Father Martín-Artajo at the Colegio de Areneros, where he kindly received me and gave instructions on the use of the ampoules, and asked me to inform him if after the prescribed time of treatment the stones were expulsed from my body through the feces. In the event that it would be so, he told me he would appreciate it if I could deliver the stones to him for his collection, and showed me several glass containers from other people who had used the system.
For some time I tried to accomplish his petition but by whatever circumstances I wasn´t able to capture a stone to give to him as proof of the results of the treatment.
Nevertheless, since then I have been using the ampoules with satisfactory results for my body because the colic I suffered has disappeared. Also I have been able to recommend the use of the ampoules to a lot of people, which I assure you have been many and have given them a photocopy of the instructions he personally gave to me and of which I attach a copy.
I do not wish to end this letter without expressing my personal gratitude to Father José Ignacio for the benefits I have received from his treatment as well as for his warm welcome he gave my husband and me.


María Luisa Garrido
Madrid - Spain

I am a 70 year old lady. I had gallbladder stones which have disappeared thanks to the treatment of the SLACKSTONE II® ampoules. During my last check-up, the digestion specialist told me surgery wasn´t needed because the stones were gone. My gratitude to Fr. Martín-Artajo who was dedicated to this discovery. The ampoules have freed me of surgery and I am in good health now.

Osvaldo R. Ferraris
Buenos Aires – Argentina

I wish to tell you about my experience with your product SLACKSTONE II®

I am 75 years old (born on October 4, 1926) and at the early age of 26 I suffered my first renal colic. After this torture, I expelled my first stone.
At the age of 40 I had the second colic and fortunately was able to expel the stone naturally.
At 45 came the third one. From then one and until the age of 72 I expelled 50 stones, all preceded by intense colic. These episodes would repeat themselves over and over again until my physician, the prestigious Argentine homeopath Dr. Carlos Alcalá Hernández, recommended I use your system. I did and in September 1998 I began to take Dialytic Water daily at 8 in the morning.
Today I raise my arms to heaven in gratitude for having freed me of that torture because since then I have not had colic or stones. It may interest you that the stones were of the calcium oxalate variety. It goes without saying that I can attest to the recommendation of Dr. Alcalá Hernández, who in his book mentions Dialytic Water.
In my beloved country, it seems that good things do not last long and after a few weeks of veritable political, economic and social chaos, I find that I cannot locate your representative Marck Up SRL and that maybe I will not be able to find your product. You can imagine my anxiety. I went to several pharmacies and have found 6 boxes which will last me some time, but it is a pity that such a noble product cannot be found easily.
Please forgive the length of this letter, but my gratitude for this marvelous ampoules outweighs my apology. Sincerely yours.


Dr. Manuel Basanta
Vigo - Pontevedra - Spain
(Pediatrics Specialist and Corporate Physician)

I hereby confirm having received the promised samples and the CD-Rom.

Thank you for everything. As I told you on the phone I was very happy to be able to find this product that my 91-year old father has been taking for thirty years successfully. He had suffered several episodes of nephritic colic and since he began to take the Dialytic Water he expelled many stones painlessly, which were expelled as round "pebbles" without pain, and better still, has stopped producing new stones without undergoing any other treatment.
For this I am grateful to you.
Even though I have not suffered any more colic, I shall take it as a preventive measure because in this region high levels of uric acid is a constant risk... Thanks for everything. Heartfelt greetings.


Raúl Duarte
Pilar - Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina

I address you to try to solve the following problem:

I am a pharmacist in a working-class sector of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Pilar). Due to the critical situation in our country, the pharmacist is considered the physician of the poor. Because they lack the money to pay a physician to treat their illnesses, they come to us pharmacists for help.
My intention is not to bore you with stories that you are probably already familiar with. The point is that having read an article published some time ago in the CORREO FARMACEUTICO (PHARMACEUTICAL COURIER) about your SLACKSTONE II® product, I started recommending it to people who had renal or liver lithiasis detected by ultrasound studies, and my satisfaction knew no bounds when after eighty days of treatment, the stones were gone. This has led me to promote the product in view that the physicians don´t know about it or maybe do not believe in its benefits, because the laboratory that represents you is not yet established in our city (at least to my knowledge).
Currently, importation costs are very high and I cannot dispense the product- Therefore, I address you to inquire which is the best way to solve this problem and be able to rely again on this valuable ally that is your product. Thank you for your attention to this letter and I hope we can find a solution to this inconvenience.


Carmen Ramos
Madrid - Spain

Since you requested testimonials with the names of the users of the SLACKSTONE II®ampoules, I wish to contribute mine in gratitude to Father Martín-Artajo. A physician, Dr. Uriarte told me about SLACKSTONE II® after I experienced renal colic. I had produced a big stone and it appeared that expelling it was not possible. At that time, probably in the 70s, the ampoules (in boxes of one, with red letters on a white background, if I remember correctly) were sold only in the Laboratories of the Lope de Rueda street.

I began an intensive treatment and a few days before my programmed surgery, I expelled a large stone which had been rounded. I kept the unused hospitalization order as a souvenir.
Since then, I periodically "clean the pipes" and have not had kidney problems. I also believe that this has improved my general state of health.
Therefore, the least I can do is express my gratitude and congratulate the people who have made SLACKSTONE II® available to us.

Maribel Minaya Díaz
Los Yébenes - Toledo - Spain

Hi! My name is Maribel and I speak and give thanks on behalf of my mother for the benefits of the system.

What can I say when a little over a year ago we rushed my mother to the doctor with renal colic and were prescribed a painkiller with no explanation?
What can I say when she began treatment with this water and started expelling "grit"?
What can I say about the "ignorance" and lack of knowledge of many physicians (not all)?
So little do they care in verifying this?
So little do they care about us?
Thank goodness there are "daring" persons who decide to try it.
Thank goodness that there are persons with a scientific spirit who decide to do research.
Thank goodness that there are people who cannot be bought.
Thank you, Father Martín-Artajo. Kisses to all.


Alfredo Puigvert Calderón de la Barca
Madrid - Spain

I wish to tell you about two real cases which I can personally vouch for.

1st case: My wife's mother underwent surgery to remove a kidney. After surgery, the urologist told us that after recovering from this surgery, she had to have another to remove the other kidney. When I relayed the case to a co-worker, she told me about SLACKSTONE II® and since there was nothing to lose by it, I gave her an ampoule after which, and exactly six days later, my mother-in-law expelled a stone the size of a thumb. There was no further mention of removing her remaining kidney.
2nd case: A friend from Barcelona came to visit me in Madrid and commented that her doctor had told her that after the summer heat was over (it was June), he would have to remove her gallbladder which was full of stones and was a time bomb in her body. I told her about SLACKSTONE II® and gave her 2 ampoules, which she promised to use. In September she called me on the phone (we hadn´t contacted each other since) and told me that when her specialist saw her new X-ray, he couldn´t explain how she had been cured because he thought the "little vial" was nonsense.
I can only assure you that whenever and wherever someone mentions stones, I recommend they take your "miracle water" which is how we call Dialytic Water.


Julio Peralta Astudillo
Madrid - Spain

After a week of drinking Dialytic Water, the stone in my ureter has disappeared. No grit, nothing. September 22, 2008

Raquel García Romero-Nieva
Meco - Madrid - Spain

Dear Sirs,

I wish to express my appreciation for marketing Dialytic Water.
Three months ago I had my first colic caused by a kidney stone. Since then, I have been undergoing treatment with several strong medications, all of them to lessen my pain, at the beginning in the area of the kidney and afterward in the area of the ureter where the stone was lodged. I mentioned my condition and discomfort (not only due to the pain but also to the medications) to a client, who told me about the water. I decided to stop taking the medications and start taking the water. Let me tell you that in two weeks the pain had disappeared. Once in while I experienced some discomfort because the stone was moving. The most surprising thing was that after making a new radiography that showed that the stone had changed its form and was more rounded, the doctor could not explain it. The stone finally came out.
I have been taking the water for less than a month and the pain has disappeared, and with it the stone without having to go to the hospital or taking buscopan. It came out while I was driving but with much less pain than before treatment with the water.
Thank you so much and a great big hug.
The stone is in the lab being studied and once they return it to me, and if you wish, I will send it to you so you can see how it changed shape or photograph it.


Osvaldo R. Ferraris
Buenos Aires – Argentina

Dear Mr. Yborra Quesada:

I am writing to you to tell you about my recent experience with Renal Lithiasis. If you recall, between the age of 26 and 72, I expelled more than 50 stones (I believe there were 53) and that after the last one, which I expelled on September 26, 1998 and by recommendation of Dr. Alcalá Hernández (now deceased) I started treatment with Dialytic Water.
Today, 7 years later, free of colics and stones, during the night I felt a slight discomfort in my left kidney which lasted more than 10 minutes and at noon, after lunch, I expelled a tiny stone about 3mm in diameter, without pointy edges, totally round, and I felt practically nothing.
My practice made me realize that this was another trophy for my collection, but with such a notable difference that the first thing my wife and I thought was to inform you if you find it useful, and express how grateful I am for such a noble product.
Fortunately, I now have no difficulty in finding the ampoules.
I extend to you my warmest regards.


Gregorio Méndez Morales
Lleida - Spain

I have been taking Dialytic Water for years and am very satisfied with the results, it works like a charm. Thank you.


Dr. Carlos Castillo Canela
Arnhem - Holland

I'm writing to you about your SLACKSTONE II® product.

I was in Madrid early last year and bought a box with 12 packages of ampoules. I tested it on 12 patients and the results were very favorable in all of them. The stone-producing patients are symptom-free and their ultrasound and radiographic images are impressive.
I would like to know if I can buy another box with 12 packages of SLACKSTONE II® ampoules to continue this experience which is very gratifying for me and my colleagues. I am mainly dedicated to homeopathy and found the basis of this product very reasonable.
Thank you very much in advance.

Ignacio Marco
IBI - Alicante - Spain

I'm 28 years old and have had 3 very painful nephritic colics. I asked my doctor if he could prescribe something for me and he said no, that I could only follow a diet. I casually discovered SLACKSTONE II® on the Internet 2 months ago after my last nephritic colic. I bought the SLACKSTONE II® ampoules in a pharmacy and yesterday, after two months of taking it I expelled a stone painlessly without discomfort, nothing.
Thanks for marketing this product and making it available to everyone. I plan to recommend it to everyone I know.


Dr. Luis M. Hauman Bonifaz
Ica – Peru

Dear sirs, I wish to thank you for the treatment you sent me. It has been a huge success and the stone I had was gone after 20 days of treatment. I currently have no colic, for which I am grateful. How can I obtain ampoules for my patients? As I mentioned before, the occurrence rate of kidney and gallbladder stones in my city is very high. Yours truly. 

Juan Varea Porras
Murcia - Spain

During a trip to Turkey I experience a great pain and was diagnosed with kidney and urinary tract stones by means of ultrasound and radiography. My urologist in Spain prescribed lithotripsy and the ultrasound revealed the same stones. After the lithotripsy removed the stone from my urinary tract, a friend recommended I take SLACKSTONE II®. Fifteen days later, a new ultrasound revealed that the kidney stone had DISAPPEARED and that same day, I EXPELLED 2 STONES. Thank you very much.


Emilio Estivill Martínez
Barcelona - Spain

I wish to express my admiration and gratitude for the service you are rendering with your invention of Dialytic Water. I am a patient who has suffered from nephritic stones (calcic oxalates) since I was 15 years old and I'm 50 now. I have been an acupuncturist for 14 years ago and decided not to use Western medicine to cure the pain and inflammation caused by this last stone. After experiencing three intense attacks for almost 5 hours that I treated with acupuncture and reflexology therapy, I searched the Internet for another way to dissolve the stones and found Father Martín-Artajo's invention. The result: after drinking the second glass of Dialytic Water I noticed that the stone wasn´t pinching me and the pain disappeared.

I've been drinking the water and will continue to drink it, as well as recommending it to my patients. Regards and thanks for your work.

Abraham Tejera Farías
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain

It seems incredible that after thinking there was no other solution than surgery for my kidney problems I found this miraculous, simple and efficient solution. My name is Abraham Tejera and I am 31 years old. After completing my military service and due to a very bad diet, I suffered nephritic colic and horrible pains that I will never forget. Later, there were more intense bouts of pain and after uncountable medical visits I had no other choice but to bear the pain until I expelled the stone or recur to surgery. But my former general physician told me about SLACKSTONE II® and since then I have led a normal life again without strict dietary limitations or renal pain. I am very grateful to the inventor of SLACKSTONE II®, his great work, because thanks to his invention people can enjoy a better quality of LIFE. THANK YOU.

Toni Bardera i Trull
Girona - Spain

My first colic appeared when I was 24 years old and I continued to have them approximately once a year until I was 31, when I was diagnosed having stones in both kidneys. According to the specialist, one of the stones was so large it could only be removed by surgery. I began taking SLACKSTONE II® twice a day and for the next 5 months expelled grit and small stones daily. I experienced some discomfort and a slight urinary infection but nothing compared to the terrible pain of the previous attacks. Ten years have passed and I sporadically ingest an ampoule as prevention, and I've never suffered from another colic. I recommend your product whenever I can: thanks to it I've learned that in the face of health problems, as incredible as it sounds, there are natural, inexpensive and simple solutions. Ten years late, I extend to you my ETERNAL GRATITUDE.

Graciela Cicchino
Caracas - Venezuela

My brother-in-law avoided the operating room thanks to Dialytic Water. Since then I recommend it to anyone who has stone problems. In every case the treatment was effective. Since I learned through the information you provide on the Internet that Dialytic Water contributes to clean arteries, I also submit to this treatment once a year.

Consider me your ally and I believe that Dialytic Water is a simple solution to serious health problems. Cordially yours.


María Boix
Valencia - Spain

I learned of your product through a Jesuit 15 years ago when I produced a coralline stone in my left kidney. I underwent lithotripsy but they informed me that I would produce more stones in the following years due to metabolic problems. Since then, like clockwork, I drink dialytic water and although I've had some discomfort, grit and tiny stones that I expel easily, I have not had major problems. That's why I recommend your product to anyone who I know has the same condition.

This time, when recommending it, I try to provide more information, which is the reason why I downloaded your book. Thank you so much.


R. M. García F.
Madrid - Spain

Good afternoon,

I am writing to you to inform you that SLACKSTONE II® has certainly worked in my case. In one of my e-mails in which I consulted several matters with you I mentioned that I had benign calcifications in both breasts 4 years ago. Well, in my annual check-up in March of this year they had disappeared. The radiologic report does not mention them like it did before. I do all my check-ups in the Doctor Tejerina Breast Pathology Center. I started drinking Dialytic Water last October. At the beginning I drank two glasses of water a day for 80 days. Then one glass a day for 40 days and finally, before the check-up, two glasses of water a day for 40 days.
I would also like to add that one of my mother's transaminase levels was above normal (double). She takes quite a lot of medication. Well, they've become normal again. I believe that's due to Dialytic Water because she has been taking the same medications and has not changed her dietary habits. The lab tests were carried out in December and she had been drinking the water since October (to December).
We both continue to drink one glass a day.
Thank you.
Kind regards,


Sergio Ameneiro Fortuna
Habana - Cuba

Dear Sirs,

I hereby request that you send me information on the SLACKSTONE II®product which I already know through a Medical Science Professor and Director of the Cardiology Institute of Cuba to whom I commented the results I achieved a few years ago with Dialytic Water, after which he asked me to contact you because he suffers from gallstones. I had stones in my right kidney until a clinical physician recommended it to me. A Spanish friend brought it to in Cuba and in less than 4 months my stones were gone. It goes without saying that it has made me very happy and that I haven´t had stones since. I followed the instructions of the prospect to the letter, which I unfortunately have lost.
I would appreciate your help with my friend.
Respectfully, I greet you.

Author's Note:

There have also been experiences with Dialytic Water in the veterinary field (especially in pets) which is why we include some testimonials:
Karla Bellini Hernández
San Salvador - El Salvador
Good morning Mr. Yborra
I am pleased to greet you again. I wish to thank you and God for the following: Two weeks ago my dog had an ultrasound and her stones had disappeared. There are no traces and even her kidneys are normal in size. Thank you so much! Blessing and thanks again!


by Paula de Maisons Alfort
Paris - France

Guinea pigs live an average of 6 to 8 years. At the age of 7, Jo hadn´t had the "pleasure" of visiting the veterinary because in general, he was in good health. However, a few months ago and for the first time due to a urinary problem, it was unavoidable. The vet prescribed antibiotics but told me that in 99% of the cases this problem was caused by kidney stones, and when kidney stones are mentioned, it means surgery!.. But surgery wasn´t an option because it would be very risky at Jo's age. Florence from the "Jardins Secrets" petshop recommended I give it Dialytic Water. She told me that if Jo had kidney stones and surgery wasn´t an option, he would have to take antibiotics regularly until the end of his life... So I decided to try SLACKSTONE II®

A few days after administering it I realized that Jo, who drank twice the normal amount was anxious to drink; he would go in and out of his hutch, he would jump and hop... it was evident that he was in good shape. When the ampoule was finished I began to give him plain water again and a couple of days later there was a radical change: he wouldn´t come out of his hutch, he was sluggish and sad. Something was wrong. A second visit to the vet revealed he had arthrosis. Considering his age, this was not unusual. After having a radiography made, the result was: no stones! Either Jo is part of the one percent of Guinea pigs who are not affected by stones or the
Stone had been dissolved. Following the advice of Véronique and Jean Jacques of Sodalite, I gave Jo the Dialytic Water for his arthrosis and once again Jo is in great shape!
This is an incredible live testimonial of a small creature whose DNA is very similar to that of humans.
Last but not least I wish to express my gratitude to Florence, Véronique and Jean Jacques for recommending the SLACKSTONE II®System to prepare Dialytic Water.

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