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One of the topics that has always concerned me in the 52 years I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of marketing and training, is the treatment of Lithiasis and the elimination of crystalline bodies in the system.
My first cause for concern is the great frequency of this condition which poses a real social and economic problem.
Secondly, there's the complexity of its ethiopathogenesis and in third place, the problems it causes.
And lastly, the limited therapeutic stockpile available to treat it by chemical means, although there has been considerable progress in the new extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy techniques that apply ultrasound to break up the stones by implosion.
Aside from this, I believe that kidney transplants, the wonder of surgical techniques, are only the external and visible demonstration of the medicine's limitations to prevent the integrity of this very important organ. While medical and therapeutic advances are great, they are not enough.
I wish to stress the importance of hydrating, cleaning and conditioning the skin, at the level of regulating and cleansing the body as well as from the cosmetic point of view.
The skin is the largest organ of the human body that protects it from drying out and regulates its temperature. But it is also a store of nutrients and retains residues of metabolic processes. If the body malfunctions, the skin will be dirty and lose its freshness. It is also a shield against external agents such as pollution, ultraviolet rays from the sun, temperature changes, stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and ensuing faulty digestion. All these factors and many more contribute to accelerate the loss of skin's health.
The need to constantly keep your skin clean and perfectly hydrated is very important for your health. But it is not only important for your health; it is also essential and vital for the treatments and systems that are applied in cosmetology to be effective.
Therefore, as individuals we are responsible for ourselves and must expand our knowledge to address personal aspects of our health. In a word, we need prevention.
We wish to make known (a work of missionaries) our SLACKSTONE II® System to prepare Dialytic Water. In spite of our material limitations, our greatest desire is to persuade the professionals responsible for the health of the population to incorporate it in their treatments.
Our starting point is water, also known as "the universal solvent", in a simple, easy-to-use, inexpensive, harmless, non-invasive logical and contrasting physical process with no side effects or adverse interactions.
We have been helping people with our system for years (since 1966), always respecting the new trends. In the case of lithotripsy, this is an ideal adjuvant in the elimination of the stone fragments that remain after the process.
Finally, we wish to express our deep appreciation to all those interested in the SLACKSTONE II® System to prepare Dialytic Water. Together, we can all improve our health and well being.


Daniel J. Yborra Quesada
Proprietor of the SLACKSTONE II®  System

Note from the Author:
In the 1st Edition of this book (1999) I quoted a text in the introduction that influential persons in the pharmaceutical industry branded as "politically incorrect", so I deleted it.
Now, as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the SLACKSTONE II® system to prepare Dialytic Water, I am including it again for the readers to decide if it was correct or not.
I wish to express a very personal argument that natural medicine, although it has existed since the dawn of humanity, is currently (1999) very popular.
When I read Eric Blair's (George Orwell) book written in the year I was born – 1947- entitled "1984" I was very impressed that "Big Brother is watching you" was no longer true. But, why?
I always say that no one has been thrown in prison for asking, but for replying. I will dare to give an answer.
Nothing that Orwell had predicted had come true, in my opinion for the following reasons:
• The Korean War
• The Vietnam War
• French May 68
• The appearance of Thalidomide
All of which gave rise to the dissent, dissatisfaction, rebelliousness, etc. of the population, the rejection of law and rules of law and of their leaders, the hippie movement, drug abuse becoming "in", grand-sounding slogans such as "Let´s be realistic, demand the impossible" or "Power to imagination". Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry began to perform toxicity tests and serious clinical studies on drugs before they were used by the population.
All this (some things undoubtedly better than others, according to the different views) was increasingly interpreted as the desire to change our life styles for leisure, ecology, sports, natural foods and medication free of side effects.

 Daniel J. Yborra Quesada

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